Cabinet refinishing is exactly what it sounds like, refinishing your existing cabinetry, without the hassle, stress or expense of replacement.  Our process uses the same products and techniques as cabinet manufacturers, this means all exterior surfaces including the base cabinet boxes are sprayed not brushed so essentially we are putting a new factory finish on your old cabinetry.

Whether you have builder’s grade cabinets that need some personalization or a 50 yr. old kitchen that needs a complete facelift.  Cabinet refinishing provides a customizable, beautiful and durable finish for you to enjoy for years to come.

With refinishing there is minimal inconvenience and generally only 2 days on-site at the start of the job and 1 day when we reinstall your newly refinished doors.

Refinishing drastically reduces the amount of waste going into landfills so it’s also your Green remodeling choice.

Kitchens are the single most important room in the home in relation to valuation.

If your selling your home it is crucial that you invest in having a fresh, bright, modern and desirable kitchen before you list or be prepared to compromise greatly in your asking price when the offers come in.

Our process can be applied to all types of cabinetry including oak, melamine and thermo foil and on average you will save 75% over the cost of replacement.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is the process of gluing thin veneer or laminate strips on your base cabinets and getting new doors and drawer fronts and typically costs 40% less than replacement.

The average cost to replace a 10 x 10  (approx. 24-26 doors, 4-6 drawer) kitchen with midgrade cabinetry is $12000-$15,000.