How Long Does Cabinet Refinishing Take?

Generally it is a 2-3 week process from start to finish.  At the start of your project we are on-site for 2 full days to do the base cabinets.  The last appointment is a full day to re-install your newly refinished doors and your hardware.

Will my cabinets look painted?

No, we use only the best low-pressure spray equipment possible giving them a factory finish free of brush or roller marks. No one should be able to detect that  your cabinets were refinished and not new.

Are there harmful fumes or odors?

We use non-toxic / low VOC waterborne lacquers so the fumes are barely noticeable.   If we use grain fillers there may some residual odour it is but not bothersome to most people.

Do I need to empty my cabinets?

No you don’t really need to as we mask and tape off the openings but most people find that this is a good time to clean and re-organize their cabinets.

Do you do refinish crown mouldings?

Yes we do, plus any other decorative trims, moldings or valances that are integral to your cabinetry.

What if I have a window frame?

No worries, we can do that too, we don’t want you to have beautifully refinished cabinets and a clashing window frame over the sink.

Can I have a custom colour? Or more than one colour?

Yes, we can do custom colours.   It’s not always possible to judge exactly how much lacquer we will need when we spray if it’s a custom colour there is a $50 charge to cover the last gallon and any left at the end of the project is returned to you.

And yes, it’s quite popular to do the upper and lower cabinets or the island a contrasting colour to give your kitchen that designer touch.  There is no extra charge for this unless it’s a custom colour or the two colours touch.

Is there a lot of mess?

We use plastic and paper to cover all the surfaces in your kitchen so the mess is minimized.  Zip walls are used to close off openings. Some dust is unavoidable so it may be like you haven’t dusted in a week or so in adjacent rooms.

Do I have to be home when the work is done?

No, it’s not necessary, all of our technicians are bonded, insured and have police background checks. We do want you to be home at the start of the job to review the work to be done and when the work is finished to inspect and pay.

How do I care for my newly refinished cabinets?

Although cabinets can be handled upon installation they must cure for at least 5 days before washing with any liquid including water.  If water comes into contact with the finished surface simply dab dry with a very soft cloth and leave to dry.  Do not rub dry.  Clean with mild soap and water after curing.  If you have solid wooden doors it is important that the humidity level in your home be kept at approx. 40% during the winter months to prevent shrinking and cracking, this is true with all solid wood furniture.  Humidity gauges can be purchased for about $20.