Warranty and Care Instructions

LIMITED WARRANTY:   Cabinetry bases and doors / drawers are warranted against failure of adhesion of the applied finish for a period of five years for *residential use and one year for commercial use.

In the event of any failure of adhesion covered under this warranty, Cabinet Rehab will repair the failed area.  Caulking & hardware are not warranted.  This warranty covers the workmanship provided by Cabinet Rehab.  Travel charges may apply.  Any warranty claim must be submitted to and verified by Cabinet Rehab.


  1. Refinished surfaces must be allowed to cure for at least 4-5 days before being cleaned with water.  Damage from contact prior to recommend cure times may require reapplication and additional costs.  Refinished surfaces must remain free of moisture or water during the specified time.
    1. Although cabinets can be handled upon installation they must cure for at least five days before washing with any liquid including water. If water comes into contact with the lacquer surface, dab dry very softly with paper towel and leave to dry, do not rub.
    2. Clean with mild soap and water after curing
  2. Use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners such as dish soap for cleaning your refinished cabinetry. Do not allow any cleaners or chemicals to remain on a refinished surface for any extended period of time. The Limited Warranty covers only the failure of adhesion. The following incidents or practices can damage or degrade a refinished surface and will void any warranty.
    1. Chips, scratches, or other impact damage caused by sharp or falling objects, whether from accidental or intentional abuse.
    2. The use of chemicals, hair dyes, food or products that stain or damage the finish.
    3. Surface remaining continuously wet or being in contact with wet items such as dish cloths.
    4. As with all wooden substrates. – Any movement in the substructure of the surface which, in turn, causes movement in the refinished surface resulting in a crack or split in the refinished surface. Multi-piece doors and bases must be kept at a stable humidity level to prevent joints from moving and cracking the coatings; experts agree that 40%-50% humidity is ideal.
    5. Damage from any activity or use which is not a normal or intended use of the fixture or surface as recommended by the original manufacturer.
    6. Care and cleaning contrary to the Care and Cleaning Instructions.


While chipping, scratching, cut marks and other damage are not covered under the limited warranty, these damages can typically be repaired with the touch up paint provided.  Use of a good quality paint brush is recommended.

*Residential is defined as the owner/occupant of a single-family residence.

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